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Street Tails

Puppies Give Me Sadface

I stepped into Chic Petique this weekend, my local pet store.

My overly spoiled cat adores a high protein cat food that only they seem to sell. He’s diabetic, so he’s basically on the Catkin Diet. Very high protein, mostly wet food with a bit of this dry food he loves in case he needs a mid-day snack.

As I stepped into the store, I was greeted by a high pitched howl. A little pit bull pup wanted to make sure I’d say hello to her. Who could resist?

I asked her story. For once, the little doggie in the window had no story. She was simply a stray. She lucked out and would soon be in a loving home, all thanks to Street Tails.

Street Tails rescues dogs from the local shelters. Usually, they need a lot of care. I typically run into puppies with mange or needing major surgery. Street Tails fixes them up and finds them the best of homes. This little girl was just fine. She’d find a home quickly.

As I left, another young pit bull exuberantly hopped into the store. Carlos had recently had a leg amputated. The surgery saved his life and he’s now settled in a new home. He was just a happy little guy, popping in to say hello.

You can help more pups have a home like Carlos. Support Street Tails by clicking the Animals link on this site.



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