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Tropical Storm Emily

Ever since the January 2010 earthquake, I sought out info on how Haiti was progressing until I finally had to go see for myself last year. I put my hands to work, helping the people there.

I still follow the news of Haiti closing even though you don’t see much of it on TV: turbulent elections, a new president, cholera epidemics.

But today, Haiti is back in the news. Tropical Storm Emily is bearing down on a place that still has more than 600,000 people living in tents.

Associate Press photo captures a young tent city resident as she awaits the storm's arrival.

While I was there, I learned from a flood expert that severe deforestation means that even a small thunderstorm can lead to dangerous flood conditions. A tropical storm can be a disaster even if it’s not a direct hit.

Help the people of Haiti weather this storm by supporting J/P HRO. This amazing organization runs the safest, most well-run tent city just outside of Port-au-Prince. Not only will your donation benefit the people at J/P HRO, you will visit the surrounding community. Well-run organizations become a hub of sorts where individuals know they can turn for food, medicine and supplies.

I can tell you firsthand that the people of Haiti want to better their lives. They go to work. They send their children to school in perfect uniforms – clean, ironed, with not so much as a barrette out of place. This is a place with much hope for the future. Don’t let Tropical Storm Emily set them back yet again.



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