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Measuring Success

In some ways, it feels like my birthday project is already sucessful. Great places like Street Tails, Donor’s Choose, J/P HRO, Doctors Without Borders and charity: water have all received donations that they may not have received.

But we can do so much more.

It’s still early days. Right now, the best thing you can do is LIKE the Facebook Page and then share it with friends. Encourage them to get onboard with this movement. Spread the word.

Remember, no one has to give a lot of money. Even a $5 to an organization or several organizations will add up if we all band together to do it.

As we get closer to 9/11, we are going to see more and more sad memorial stories. This is your chance to turn that sorrow into something great. My goal is to make it easy for you.

Although I’ve added some goal numbers for each organization, my real goal is can’t be measured. But if you have joined the cause, you’ll feel that success in your heart on September 11th.

Thanks again to those who have already donated. These organizations are already benefiting from your generosity and big hearts.



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