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Irresistible Faces

We’re in the homestretch, people! Just 11 more days until my birthday.

I’ve been quiet lately because I know so many people have been dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Irene. My heart breaks for those who lost loved ones, adored homes and precious memories. (Interested in helping those affected? I’ve started to add a few schools in flooded areas to the Donor’s Choose page.)

I know for many people the groups on my page are just general names and catch-all topics.

To me, they are faces.

Faces of children around the world and the kids I met in Haiti, in particular, who struggle to get medical care and water. Friends of who have suffered from cancer. Children I mentored who don’t have the educational supplies they need.

Faces like this one:

I had the pleasure of meeting Ahab tonight. At first glance, he seemed like simply an adorable puppy. I bent down to say hello and instead of energetic jumping and barks, he snuggled up to the side of his crate, tail wagging furiously, but still very chill. Surprisingly mellow for a pup his age.

Lindsey of Street Tails told me that while he was laying down, you can’t quite tell, but this poor little guy has had a rough start to life. His mother ripped off a rear leg and started on his left front paw before he was rescued. In the photo, you can see that paw is turned at an odd angle. The extent of injuries means that typically both legs would be amputated. But you can’t amputated a right rear leg and a left front leg and still have the dog be mobile.

That’s not an option for Ahab and not an option for Street Tails, so they are hoping to get some type of prosthetic paw so this little guy can have a long, full, mobile life.

That’s his face and that’s his story.

The victims of 9/11 were all people with a story. Their faces haunt me, too. They should still be here to share their talents, raise their kids, live their lives.

Sadly, they are not. But we can still help those who are. We can put smiles on the many sad faces associated with these groups.

We can take back 9/11. Take back my birthday.



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