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I’ve seen fire & I’ve seen rain

It’s pouring rain right now outside my window.

I’m lucky to be inside. Lucky to have a home to be inside. Lucky to be far from a river.

It rains outside and I cringe for areas suffering flooding.

On my TV, there’s no rain. Just fire. Lots of news out of Texas on wildfires.

One of the hardest things about putting together Take Back My Birthday was selecting the groups who would benefit. The need is so great.

Part of the reason that Doctors Without Borders and charity: water made the list is because their work is far reaching overseas.

But what about disasters here in the United States? For that, I have Donor’s Choose. When I hear about a new disaster, I add a teacher’s project from that area. Today, I added a project from Bastrop, TX. They are hard hit by fires.

Yes, there are other organizations who are helping in these area. Other groups you may know quite well. I hope you support them.

But I selected Donor’s Choose because it breaks my heart to think of children losing their homes, their security, to flood, tornadoes and fire.

School becomes a place of stability so I support their teachers in their effort to bring a sense of normalcy back to their world.

We have only a few days left until my birthday. Think about where you might like to give back. Spread the word to your friends.


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