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48 Hours Til My Birthday – A Personal Note

I had this weird moment last night when it really hit me that I have had an amazing life.

Earlier in the day, I had mentioned to a co-worker that I used to work in the music industry. He seemed stunned. As he should be. There’s nothing about me that seems hip or cool enough to be in the music industry.

But I was…albeit on a small, independent level. I even booked a Guinness World Record Setting Tour… 50 shows in 50 states in 50 days.

Glancing around my house, I see more evidence of amazing experiences.

I’ve traveled to Europe and the Middle East.

I did volunteer work in Haiti.

I’ve flown a plane.

I’ve jumped out of a plane.

I’ve sung the American National Anthem in front of thousands.

I’ve worked with incredibly talents authors, artists and musicians.

And I’m no one. I’m a regular girl. I’ve just been lucky.

I could make a wishlist of stupid things I’d love to own. But I have everything I truly need.

As much as I treasure every thoughtful gift that friends have given me over the years. I don’t need more stuff. I have a caring family, supportive friends and the bottomless love of a dog and two cats.

Click on any of the boxes to the right and your donation will go to people and animals who need help. None of the money will ever be touched by me. That was a key element in the groups I selected. I wanted people to feel safe knowing that these were reputable organizations and the money would go right to them.

Tonight, I’m counting my blessings as the tv chatters in the background about new threats.

Don’t give into the threats. Don’t give into fear.

Take back 9/11!


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