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Measuring Success

In some ways, it feels like my birthday project is already sucessful. Great places like Street Tails, Donor’s Choose, J/P HRO, Doctors Without Borders and charity: water have all received donations that they may not have received. But we can do so much more. It’s still early days. Right now, the best thing you can … Continue reading

One month to 9/11 Anniversary

This morning I woke up to a piece about a child born on 9/11/2001. I also saw a variety of news sites beginning to ramp up their coverage. Special 9/11 websites were unveiled. Stories looking at where the families of victims are now. It’s important stuff. It’s important to remember 9/11 so we never allow … Continue reading

Teach Your Kids About Charity

Last week, I launched this website dedicated to raising money for some of my favorite charities on my birthday. The very first person to donate was my friend’s five-year-old daughter. She was also one of the first to ask if she could help donate toys to the kids in Haiti went I volunteered in Port-au-Prince … Continue reading

Updated Doctors Without Borders Page

I realized today that my original page was not going to allow me to track the donations of you wonderful people. I want to do that so I can thank you appropriately. So I’ve updated the page. All money raised will still go directly to Doctors Without Borders. Thank you for your support.


My cousin Lisa is one of the most talented singers I have ever had the pleasure of hearing. She shares her talents for music AND education with the students of a high poverty school every day –  in the classroom and on the stage by directing their performing arts program. Studies have shown that having … Continue reading

Tropical Storm Emily

Ever since the January 2010 earthquake, I sought out info on how Haiti was progressing until I finally had to go see for myself last year. I put my hands to work, helping the people there. I still follow the news of Haiti closing even though you don’t see much of it on TV: turbulent … Continue reading

Got my first donation!

Wow. Thank you so much for checking out the page! I got my first donation and it actually made me excited about my birthday for the first time in 10 years. I know that we can do something really amazing here. Spread the word!

Puppies Give Me Sadface

I stepped into Chic Petique this weekend, my local pet store. My overly spoiled cat adores a high protein cat food that only they seem to sell. He’s diabetic, so he’s basically on the Catkin Diet. Very high protein, mostly wet food with a bit of this dry food he loves in case he needs … Continue reading

Horn of Africa : Doctors Without Borders

This week, Current TV will be airing another episode from their Doctors Without Borders tv series. (check your listings!) I’ve been a long-time admirer and financial supporter of this wonderful aid organization. While the Red Cross and UN are good at providing long-term support for a region, Doctors Without Borders excels at quickly providing aid … Continue reading


Last night, I heard the news that little Rachel Beckwith has passed away. In case you aren’t familiar, she was critically injured in a 14-car accident in Seattle. She died shortly after being taken off life support. A typical 9 year old is hoping for a bike, a video game, a pony for their birthday. … Continue reading