I wish I could have gone my whole life without ever being affected by cancer.

With 40% of men and women being diagnosed with cancer at some point in their life, everyone will be affected by cancer. Either a crisis in their own health or in someone they know.

I’ve had friends with breast cancer, hodgkin’s, cancer of the throat and mouth, and cancer of the brain.

There are many wonderful organizations working to rid the world of this disease and helping to make the lives of cancer patients better.

The one that I have elected to support is The National Brain Tumor Society.

Last year, I watched a friend lose his young wife to a brain tumor. Barely 30, she left behind a toddler. Our friends rallied around them and, in honor of his wife, we formed a team to participate in the Walk For Hope.

This year, we’ll be participating again.

For my birthday, support our team and support research to end brain tumors.


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