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Happy Birthday to charity: water

Today is the 5th Birthday of charity:water. This amazing organisation helps communities get access to clean and safe drinking water. In fact, in the past 5 years, they have helped 2 million people get clean and safe drinking water. Clean and safe water means food for animals that provide food. Clean and safe water means … Continue reading

I’ve seen fire & I’ve seen rain

It’s pouring rain right now outside my window. I’m lucky to be inside. Lucky to have a home to be inside. Lucky to be far from a river. It rains outside and I cringe for areas suffering flooding. On my TV, there’s no rain. Just fire. Lots of news out of Texas on wildfires. One … Continue reading

Irresistible Faces

We’re in the homestretch, people! Just 11 more days until my birthday. I’ve been quiet lately because I know so many people have been dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Irene. My heart breaks for those who lost loved ones, adored homes and precious memories. (Interested in helping those affected? I’ve started to add a … Continue reading

Measuring Success

In some ways, it feels like my birthday project is already sucessful. Great places like Street Tails, Donor’s Choose, J/P HRO, Doctors Without Borders and charity: water have all received donations that they may not have received. But we can do so much more. It’s still early days. Right now, the best thing you can … Continue reading

Teach Your Kids About Charity

Last week, I launched this website dedicated to raising money for some of my favorite charities on my birthday. The very first person to donate was my friend’s five-year-old daughter. She was also one of the first to ask if she could help donate toys to the kids in Haiti went I volunteered in Port-au-Prince … Continue reading


Last night, I heard the news that little Rachel Beckwith has passed away. In case you aren’t familiar, she was critically injured in a 14-car accident in Seattle. She died shortly after being taken off life support. A typical 9 year old is hoping for a bike, a video game, a pony for their birthday. … Continue reading