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I’ve seen fire & I’ve seen rain

It’s pouring rain right now outside my window. I’m lucky to be inside. Lucky to have a home to be inside. Lucky to be far from a river. It rains outside and I cringe for areas suffering flooding. On my TV, there’s no rain. Just fire. Lots of news out of Texas on wildfires. One … Continue reading

Another Hurricane

Hurricane Irene is heading toward Haiti. If you’ve done any camping this summer, you might have ended up with a wet tent. Imagine a wet tent plus hurricane-force winds. That’s what the community is facing in Haiti tonight. Groups like J/P HRO and Doctors without Borders will help them survive. Your donation makes their amazing … Continue reading

Measuring Success

In some ways, it feels like my birthday project is already sucessful. Great places like Street Tails, Donor’s Choose, J/P HRO, Doctors Without Borders and charity: water have all received donations that they may not have received. But we can do so much more. It’s still early days. Right now, the best thing you can … Continue reading

Updated Doctors Without Borders Page

I realized today that my original page was not going to allow me to track the donations of you wonderful people. I want to do that so I can thank you appropriately. So I’ve updated the page. All money raised will still go directly to Doctors Without Borders. Thank you for your support.

Horn of Africa : Doctors Without Borders

This week, Current TV will be airing another episode from their Doctors Without Borders tv series. (check your listings!) I’ve been a long-time admirer and financial supporter of this wonderful aid organization. While the Red Cross and UN are good at providing long-term support for a region, Doctors Without Borders excels at quickly providing aid … Continue reading