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One Month

Last year, I started this blog to raise money for great organizations on the 10th Anniversary of the September 11th Terrorist Attacks. It was also the 37th Anniversary of my birth. I got a great response. I am incredibly grateful for everyone who donated. As the year as progressed, people have asked what I’m doing … Continue reading

For most of my life, my birthday was often forgotten as summer friends faded away and classmates didn’t remember as we headed back to school. The main event of note was Pete Rose breaking Ty Cobbs’ all-time hits record in 1985. September 11, 2001 changed all that. Like many, I watched in horror as planes crashes, buildings fell and far too many lost their lives. In the years after that tragic day, I have inwardly cringed when asked my birth date. Invariably, it is met with shaking heads and expressions of sympathy. Ten years later, it’s time to take back my birthday. I want my birthday to be one of hope, not sorrow. And I need your help. This year I am focusing on one cause: Ending childhood hunger in this country. If every friend I have on Facebook gave just $5, we could raise thousands. If you tell your friends, we could raise tens of thousands. Maybe more. Please help make my birthday, September 11th, the best one of my life.